One of the most compelling and captivating interactive exhibitions, capturing the ancient Dreamtime story of the seven sisters, which is represented in the cosmos by a group of stars we call the Pleiades. The Seven sisters are pursued across the vast breadth of Australia by Orion, (Wati Nyiru) a sorcerer who casts spells on one of the sisters.

This is a story told and retold over the millennia from the worlds oldest living culture. A story that compares in its epic proportions with the Illiad, Gilgamesh, and the Mahabaratha.

This ancient creation time songline is captured by modern-day Aboriginal artists and elders in a series of paintings and digitally interactive exhibits.

The world’s highest resolution planetarium dome, six meters in circumference immerses you in a cosmic, spiritual and terrestrial experience, embracing and connecting you through and within time.

The Songlines form part of the ancient and continuous history of Australia a young nation resting on the bedrock of ancient wisdom cradled within the bosom of many nation tribes.

These are parallel histories that must be told, shared and embraced, it is what makes us truly Australian.