Are you driven by a compulsion to overachieve?
Do you have a perfection fetish?
Do you get a buzz from activity and ‘Doing’?
Are you driven to meet the needs and live up to the expectations of people above you?
Does one meeting morph/meld into the next and the next?
Do your team members complain about being completely maxed out? Using words such as, frantic, overworked, panicked, hysterical, too much, what’s the point…

If you answer ‘Yes’ to at least three of the above then you have Attention Ineffectiveness syndrome - So caught up in the action of maximising the doing, that you rarely inquire or reflect as to why you are doing what you are doing?  Or asking ‘Why am I doing this at all’

And more importantly, if you answer ‘Yes’ to the item below.
I rarely give significant people in my life, the time, attention and love they deserve or need?

Then you are a prime candidate for the next stage of  AI - The Attentive Indifference syndrome which can lead to the Autonomous ‘I’ syndrome - A blind, lonely and fixated dedication to work. The final stage is to become Artificially Intelligent - circuit overload and the scrap heap.

Note: Artificial Intelligence is our aspiration for machines and not for humans.   

Why not embrace many of the positive aspects of the AI syndrome, including being:

Artistically Innovative

Astutely Insightful

Affectively Influential

Adoringly Inclusive

Admiringly  Impactful

Some steps to get there

Consistently ask:
Why am I/we doing this?
Is there another way to do this?
Why do this at all?

Focus on the effective and important

Be willing to say NO, or if this is not possible, discuss tradeoffs and priorities.

Be mindful and present about your intentions and interactions.

Embrace and ennoble others

Take time to reflect during and after the action.

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