The four ​competing Competencies include:

1. Disruptive and pragmatic: ​Disrupting through innovation whilst retaining a pragmatic focus on priorities. ​

 2. Risk-taking and reluctant: ​Executing on opportunistic and calculated risks ​whilst being vigilant ​about excessive dangers.

  3. Heroic and vulnerable: Heroic, though not self-delusional and at the same time being willing to ​improve/reflect on themselves and adopt continuous improvement to their organisation.  ​

  4. Galvanizing and connecting: Connect the organisation to a higher purpose, support and inspire others, share the credit and actively promote the success of others. ​

​I believe that Leaders need to be able to navigate complexity and in particular, the grey associated with competing and opposing priorities. This includes ​ becoming more tolerant of ambiguity and asking more questions that force you to look at both sides of the dilemma/issue. ​​​​

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