Organizing for Urgency

“energy,” “metabolic rate,” “bias for action,” and “clock speed" coupled with enacting emergent strategy sets up the urgency imperative for what McKinsey calls ‘Organising for the Age of Urgency’.​

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CEO Success - Results of a study of over 5 million Leaders

​This forms part of our research series on 4th Frame® Leadership. A 2017 study by Russell Reynolds and Associates and Hogan ​Assessments examining the psychometric data of more than 5 million Leaders, identified 4 competing competencies that successful Leaders master.

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The Seven Sisters Songline - An outstanding demonstration of Innovative Storytelling and Leadership

A truly outstanding exhibition and body of work that followed a massive community consultation process involving 17 indigenous representatives. A visible demonstration of Innovative Leadership on all fronts from the National Museum of Australia in orchestrating this exhibition to the Aboriginal Elders who foresaw the need to breach the generational divide by communicating to the next generation via the digital medium.

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7 Ways the Fourth Industrial Revolution Can Help The Planet

At the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) first Sustainable Development Impact Summit this week in New York, several of the discussions focused on how today's tech revolution – the so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) – can create a better, cleaner and safer world.
  The imperative is clear: while society today is the most prosperous and dynamic the world has ever created, our Earth system is under unprecedented stress.

  Scientists say our planet has been torqued out of a stable system into uncharted territory. Examples include sobering warnings that 92% of the world's population live in places where air quality is unsafe (ref WHO), and that we may face a 40% shortfall in the freshwater that we need to support our global economy by 2030.

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